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It's hard to believe that it's campaign season again. 

I am very proud of the work I did to help move Nevada forward in a way that I hope will truly create what Governor Sandoval has already dubbed "the New Nevada."  This was in many ways a truly historic session, where Democrats and Republicans worked together, fighting for what we each believed was the best path to improve our state, but compromising so that the stalemates of the past gave way to what we all hope will be a better future for our state.  

I am also very proud of the legislation that I introduced and worked on, which will help reduce bullying, get important information to parents and help keep some especially-challenged Nevada families together.

As you may recall, during the 2015 State of the State address, Governor Sandoval called me a "champion of school safety and anti-bullying efforts."  At the time, I was working closely with Governor Sandoval's team on what became SB504, the landmark anti-bullying legislation known as "Hailee's Law." SB504 developed from the heartbreaking stories of several parents who live in my district, and I am so very happy that this bipartisan legislation is now law.  I also introduced AB206, which mandates that parents be notified of resources available if their child is bullied - or if the child has health-related issues. The notices are designed to conform with SB504, and will help with the goals of ending bullying and giving parents the information they need to help their children.

One my favorite parts of AB206 is that the idea for the bill came from one of my constituents, whom I met while out campaigning. We started talking about education issues, and I told her a story about an experience I had during Nevada Reading Week in 2014, when a fourth grade teacher stopped me in the middle of the book to tell me that over half the class had literacy issues because they had vision problems that were not being addressed.  After leaving that classroom, I worked with the school district and Legislative staff to get eyeglasses donated to that classroom.  But I was dismayed... that was just one class, and I wondered how many children statewide were also having learning problems because they had a physical problem that required attention?  

I knew that the state did not have budget to help all of these children, and I also knew that there are resources in the community that can help. The idea for how to solve the dilemma came from that conversation.  If you have children in school, you may have even seen a flyer called the, "AB206 Flyer," which notifies parents of available resources in the community.

In thinking about it, I realized that my best -- and most impactful -- legislative successes have come from conversations I've had with my constituents, which is why I've made the theme of this year's campaign:

Since being back home, I've been going to community events, reaching out to community leaders and meeting with constituents to discuss issues that should be tackled in the next Legislative session.

Ellen Spiegel


Even though the Legislature is not scheduled to meet again until 2017, I continue to work on issues that will help make Nevada better.  I also want to hear what you are thinking. 


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I am going to be the representative in Carson City who gets things done - and who gets them done in a way that reflects our community values. I want to hear your thoughts on the issues I've identified, and I want to know if you have other issues that need to be addressed in the next legislative session.

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